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    The Many Stories of Yue and Galantri


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    The Many Stories of Yue and Galantri

    Post  Raine on Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:41 am

    Little Yue’s Adventures with Gal

    Yue rolled over in her sleeping bag, her hand haphazardly thrown across the warm body that lay next to her. The fading rays of sunlight lit the cave with a soft orange glow that warmed her eyes as they blinked open, squinting against the light. She stretched her arms far over her head, wings flaring out as she yawned the rest of the sleep from her body, one closed fist moving to rub against her eyes. It had been an eventful day. Glantri, this….human…elemental…thing she had been traveling with for a few months had been forced to teleport them to safety after an indigenious tribe of gnomes had launched attack on them when they had inadvertently stumbled across their camp. The resulting drain on the man’s magics had forced him to revert to his mortal form. He had fortunately explained his “condition” to her long before this had happened for the first time, else she would have been terrified to watch the older man suddenly transform into a five year old version of himself. Apparently he was under a curse of some sort because this was not his home plane and as such, if he expended too much of his energy at once, he was forced into this younger, powerless form.

    The first time he had done so, she had been terrified. But he had transformed back within a few hours. Since then, it had happened every once in a while, so when they stumbled out of the portal he had conjured last night and he collapsed, reverting to this small form, she had not panicked. She had hoisted the five year old Lord Glantri, (or, as he preferred to be known in this form, Gal), onto her shoulders and made her way to the closest cave to bed down for the day.

    Now, awake to the beginning twilight, Yue’s stomach was rumbling urgently. She cast a look over at the mop of dirty blonde hair that was the only visible part of Glantri poking out from the top of his sleeping furs.

    “Lord Glantri? Its time to get up. Its sunset, my lord.” She said softly, pushing against him gently. He rolled over with a loud snore, the sleeping furs falling away. Her eyes grew wide. “GAL!?!?!”

    “Huh, what?!!? AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” the boy let out a sleepy cry and jerked awake suddenly. “Gees, Yue! Dun scare me like that!” he pouted, rubbing the back of his head and giving the Raptorian girl a sleepy look. Yue’s mouth dropped open. Glantri had transformed many times before, but had never remained in Gal’s form for more then a few hours at the most! Nearly 12 hours had passed since they had stepped through the portal, and yet he remained in his mortal form! Gal slowly realized that something was amiss, the longer Yue sat and blankly stared at him, her mouth agape and her finger pointing at him. He patted himself on the chest, ran his smile hand through his hair, his sleepy expression becoming more and more confused.

    “OMG,I’M STILL LITTLE!” he suddenly realized, bursting out a yell, his eyes popping open wide as all sleep was wiped from his mind.

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