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    The Chronicles of Gaia


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    The Chronicles of Gaia

    Post  Raine on Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:50 am

    (A Jump in and Go RP loosely based on DnD)

    [Location: Barton Town Jail to Barton Town Inn]

    "You know this is your fault, right?" a sarcastic feminine voice intoned, its camber echoing off the stone walls of the jail cell. Its speaker, a grey skinned elf that appeared to be about nineteen years old shot a dirty glare across the room at her cellmate. Medium length white hair stuck out in two pigtails from her head and a pair of black bat wings graced her forehead, one on either side. A long scar ran down her left eye and extended out across her left cheek, some dark reminder of a battle long past. A single, blood-red stone was set in the center of her forehead and an obvious tattoo shaped like a heart sewn shut gleaned visible on the exposed flesh of her stomach where her shirt-coat ended.

    "I don't want to hear it, Raine. You're the one who pissed off those guards. If I hadn't been saving your hide we never would have gotten caught!" a snarky reply cut her way, this time in a male's voice. Its speaker was also a grey skinned elf of about the same age whose choppy white hair exended up into a pair of vulpine like ears on the top of his head. Most prominent of his features, however, was the single black horn that extended from the middle of his forehead, a wicked curved device that seemed more talon then horn. From thier facial structure alone, it was obvious that the two elves were related, though few would have guessed just how close they actually were. Before the girl could open her mouth to protest her brother's accusation, the sound of screeching metal flooded thier small cell.

    "Alright! You're free to go, but dun'cha be causin' no more trouble or they'll like run ya outa town next!" the commonly drawl of their rather nice guard floated in as he held the door open to them. Fortunatly the inserection they had been incarcerated for had been a minor one, with a maximum sentence of twenty four hours.

    Raine stood up before her brother, her shoulder brushing against his as she pushed past him to take the lead. It really had been his fault, as it usually was. Ion was the more hot-headed of the two, and had always been such. They had been passing through Barton Town on thier way to the Durem Caves and Ion had happened to hear a few of the guards remarking about their......ancestory. Needless to say, a fight quickly erupted which Raine had merely sought to quell quickly and be on with thier business, however one of the guards had drawn his sword against her brother and that alone had been enough for her snap out of a peaceful solution and quite physically teach the man a lesson in manners.

    "Let's just head to the inn and get something to eat, alright? WITHOUT causing a fight this time?" she scoffed, smiling away the tension that was forming between them as they retrieved thier belongings from the guard post at the front of the jail. "We haven't had anything to eat since yesterday and we both get a bit snarky when that happens. I'm buying." she quickly offered, seeing his glancing look at his own less then full coin pouch as she snapped her scythe to her back.

    "Fine, but dinner is on me when we get back from the caves." Ion replied, a serious look on his face as he replaced his own onyx katana into his sheath at his side. "After we find the Moonglow, everything's on me. Deal?

    "Deal." Raine agreed, clapping a friendly hand on her brother's shoulder as they walked up to the tavern. The door was laying off its hinges, that was the first hint of trouble, and Raine's hand strayed to the hilt of her sycthe immediatly. She cast a look over at Ion and saw him also touching the hilt of his blade, but when nothing immediatly presented itself as dangerous, she began to relax. Ignoring the awkward gawks at her wings and Ion's ears (they had long since moved past the first reaction to thier physical appearance) she sidled up to the bar alongside a woman with green hair and yellow eyes. Obviously nervous, Ion hesitated a moment before settling into a stool next to his sister. "Two flasks of mead." Raine ordered as soon as the barmaid was free, flipping a gold piece across the bar to the bartender who caught it between two fingers. "And maybe some information, if you've got an ear to spare...."

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