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    Blood on the Apple


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    Blood on the Apple

    Post  Raine on Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:22 pm

    Blood on the Apple

    One dark and silent night, the black sky was rent by the passage of a silver star. Streaking through the heavens as a nail tears through paper, the star whistled fury across the sky before splitting in two and streaking off to opposite ends of the globe. Divided but inexorably intertwined, the stars crashed to Earth with mile wide destruction. Nineteen years late, two wholly opposite yet strikingly familiar girls approach the doors of Gathwin Castle- fortress of the currently ruling lord Aphystox. They approach it as potiental slaves for the man, both considerably matched to his exotic tastes. Aire- a being of light. Part angel and part elf, she was a pure, untainted being that Lord Aphystox longed to defile. Raine- a being of darkness. Part demon and part dark elf, she was taint in human form. A being so twisted and ravaged by its own existence that excited Lord Apshystox with its challenge and made him crave to hear her scream. Two beings of polar opposites, yet so similar that it was obvious that they belonged to each other. Two halves of the same star, separate yet identical---and born on foul wings to an abomination of a man who possessed the power to control them both. Neither knowing nor understanding the connection that exists between them. Lovers and fierce rivals. Two opposite sides of the same coin, both longing to be together but doomed to be seperated by this indisious man. Love for each other growing and yet sparing simultaneously with hatred, and mental destruction at Lord Apshystox’s hands.

    Lord Apshytox loves power. And he loves power over other beings more then anything else. So when a prophecy landed in his lap of the sister goddesses, along with an amulet that would supposedly control them, he jumped at the chance, dispatching men to every corner of the globe to find the fallen dieties. According to the prophecy, the night the silver star fell, it brought with it a diety fallen from the heavens to Earth in order to observe humanity and decide whether they, as a species, were ready for gods to walk among them. But something went horribly wrong. A great darkness attacked the fallen star and it was split into two, two distinct pieces of the same being that fell to Earth as infants with no knowledge of their purpose. Seeing the mistake, the gods sought to connect the two sisters once more. They found the sister of light, Aire, being raised by a kindly grandmother in forest cottage-out of sight of the general populous and so spared from the curiousities about her appearance- for she was most decidely not human. But, search though they tried, the gods could not find the second child- Raine. Abandoned at a young age by the man who had fostered her from an infant, the sister of darkness bore the brunt of shame and humiliation brought on by her abnormal appearance. She was hunted, injuried, cursed at, and eventually locked away from the world as a freak of nature. The gods were at a loss. Unable to find the Goddess’ second half, they could not restore her previous form and her mission went uncompleted. Desperate, they sent a sigil down to Earth in the form of an amulet which contained the blood of angel. This amulet would hold dominion over the sister of darkness, bending her mind to the will of its user. They sent the sigil down to a trusted man, a kind priest whose mission it became to find the second sister and force her to join with her other half- restoring the balance and putting the Goddess back on her holy mission. But alas, the hearts of men are easily swayed when they believe that there is money or power to profit. The sage was killed, and the amulet lost. It passed through many hands over the next several years until it finally came to a stop in Lord Apshytox’s possession. He sought out the sisters, and brought them to his palace. It was to be the ultimate power! With the amulet at his command- he held sway over the sister of darkness. Her mind, body, and will was his to command. And so he would use that power- use it to defile her other half. Use it to taint and destroy the sister of light until her mind snapped like so much tinder in his mighty hands. Then he would rejoin the sisters and have the full power of a Goddess at his beckoning command.

    Who You Would Play

    Lord Aphystox- a demented ruler on a twisted path for power. He is usually only seen torturing Raine for his own amusement or giving her specific orders/punishment.

    Raine: The sister of darkness. A child of the streets who grew up feeling unwanted and despised, she spent the better part of the last eight years as sideshow freak before being found by Lord Aphystox. Now her mind his bent to his will, her body carrying out unspeakable horrors against Aire. But, in her brief moments of conciousness, which the Lord gratioustly allows as both a continuing torment as her mind is recaptured over and over, and to keep her brain from literally burning out from the over usage of the amulets power- she talks to Aire ad finds herself slowly falling in love with this being so similar and yet so different from herself. Neither sister has any idea of their past, nor their true connection. Only that something deep and unnameable connects them- which makes their torture all the more painful.

    Rules/ Basics

    This is a twist on Master/Slave RP, and being such, it will be mature in nature. It will probably contain strong language, blood, gore, torture, and most likely things of an X-rated nature.The name of the game is tear them down to build then back up. Their love versus his hatred. This IS a yuri. Obviously. This could also be considered sister x sister- even though technically they are two sides of the same being.

    If any of the things stated above bother you, then this RP is not for you.
    This is a semi to advanced literate RP.
    Questions via PM's are welcome.

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