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    Shyla's Disgrace


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    Shyla's Disgrace

    Post  Raine on Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:20 am

    Shyla's Disgrace

    Rain pounded overhead as Shyla raced down the cobblestone streets, her filthy black sneakers slamming into the pavement with every step. She chanced a look behind her as lightening pierced the sky and nearly screamed as she caught sight of Craig, his leans face distorted in fury as he chased after her. But her breath was short, her muscles heavy with fatigue, and the infant in her stomach was kicking her in protest, begging her in its own futile way to stop, slow down, take a breather. But with Craig practically on top of her as it was, there was little choice but to keep running. 'If he catches me...' she thought breathlessly, even as her ankle turned on a loosened stone and she stumbled. ' He will kill us both....' Her twisting ankle turned beneath her, refusing to support her exhausted frame any longer and, as she braced herself for the inevitable fall, she remembered the events that had led her to this lonely street....

    Shyla Rainier wasn't a popular girl. Not to say that she was unpopular, she just wasn't the kind of girl that stood out in a crowd. Averagely attractive, averagely intelligent....averagely average, that was Shyla. But she didn't mind her basic existence. She had a happy life, two parents, a younger brother, a couple of friends. She neither strived for nor denied either success or failure, and so was content to live a basic, normal life as a basic, normal 17 year old. An event was about to transpire, however, that would change her life dramatically and force her from her 'normal' life forever.

    Craig Johnsten was a bad boy. Punk rocker. Emo as hell. He had little interest in girls, except for what he could foricibly take from them, and this detachment, of course, made him the most desirable guy at Richard Hawkins High School. He thrived on this attention. Shyla was in his third period English class, although she barely ever noticed him. She was so caught up in her own 'normal' little existence that she didn't even realize that he existed. Her detachment infuriated him, to the point where he couldn't stand it any longer. He cornered her after school one day, catching her in the alley behind the deserted building. And then he raped her, repeatedly, until she fell at his feet unconscious and he fled.

    A few hours later, she awoke, bloody and sore. Ashamed of what had happened to her, she cleaned herself up and went home. It was another month before she knew she was pregnant. When her parents found out, her normal life shattered. They refused to believe that she had been raped, insisting instead that she was a whore, a prostitute even. Her friend abandoned her. Her family kicked her out. Unable to support herself without a home or job, she began to live on the street, stealing and shoplifting to keep herself and her growing baby as healthy as she could. She fled her hometown, traveling 20 miles north to the city of Okandale where she hoped to escape Craig, who had been stalking her since finding out about her pregnancy. He wanted to kill her, murder her and her unborn child...

    ...and now, nearly 6 months into her pregnancy, he had finally found her. And this time, as she lay with her back on the wet cement and stared up at him, a gun clutched in his shaking hand, she didn't see any escape...

    Who You Are

    Your name is Julian Richardson. You are a 24 year old art major, struggling to make the bills on your dinky two room apartment while still covering tuition for the Okandale School of Art. You specialize in emotive live portraits. You were on your way home from a two hour cram session, trying to finish a particularly difficult nude before tomorrow's class. Sketch pad in one hand, a dozen pencils in the other, you cursed the sky as it opened above your head, dosing your newly finished drawing with gallons of rainwater. Ducking into a nearby alley to try and salvage what you could, you unwittingly stepped into the middle of an epic conflict. Lightening flashes and you can make out what appears to be a very pregnant girl laying in the middle of the alley. An ominous figure looms over her, screaming obsencities that are caught by the wind and hurled away from you, leaving you unsure of what is happening. A moment later, the lightening flashes again, and this time you see the gun in his hand, and the angry bruise across her face. She's screaming now, the words are lost in the typhoon that seems to have appeared in the alley, and his eyes are blazing with fury. You have only a moment to react...and what you decide to do will forever change your life.

    Your Choice

    To Risk YOUR life to save the girl and her unborn child...and change your life forever
    To Blend into the SHADOWS and hope this maniac doesn't see you...and condemn her to death.

    Make Your Choice and Know that Your Life Will Never Be the Same...

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